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"My family has lived in Galt for 16 years and we love our Great American Little Town. I served on the Galt Joint Union Elementary School Board, the last two years as Board President. I served our country for 33 years and it would be an honor to continue serve our community". 



I believe that transparency begins with accessibility and ends with accountability. Throughout my time on the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Board of Governance I have kept myself open to communication from members of our community. I am always willing to meet with members of our community to hear their concerns.


We owe the citizens of Galt a balanced budget that clearly reflects their priorities. We need to find ways to increase revenues that are consistent with those values while reducing expenses that don't. 


The citizens of Galt deserve to feel safe in their community and in their own homes. I am committed to providing those citizens with the best trained, best equipped police force in the community at large and in our public schools. I believe that homelessness presents a risk to public safety and needs to be addressed with long term solutions.   


As a Veteran of the Iraq War, I know the challenges that our nation's heroes face when trying access the support they have earned. I will work tirelessly to bring much needed resources to those who have served our country. Through the group Veterans of Galt, I will be a voice for Veterans in our community. We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00AM at the Coffee Shop Bakery and all Veterans are welcome.

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